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Tales From The Fountain of Youth is a two part album that follows a conceptual journey of a relationship from start to finish delivered in a 12 track package.  Filled with brutal honesty, dizzying arrangements, catchy hooks and a soberingly humorous outlook on life at the worst of times. 


Dr Creamy Lips is a personality and one that encapsulates uncompromising self- expression, and a love for just about anything weird and wonderful. While often shrouded in a humorous glaze, make no mistake that the music of Dr Creamy Lips is deeply personal and emotionally motivated at its core. A delivery system that I have learned to be very effective in the pursuit of sharing your art with others, particularly in this modern digital age. If nothing else, this project is an utter labour of love that sees me willingly dipping my fingers into many corners of the creative pie in order to bring this project to life, and all from the comfort of a bedroom. 

Now, at the finish line of the Fountain of Youth saga, spanning 9 months, 4 singles, 5 music videos and much more, the time has come to move onwards to the next chapter.

This represents only the beginning of the creamy lips story and I'm very excited for the immediate future.

EP 3 coming soon x

Vol. I & II out now

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